Ink Tank Printer

Ink Tanks - The Newcomer:

Ink tanks or 'integrated bulk ink systems' are refillable ink printers that do not contain an inbuilt print head like ink cartridge printer models. Instead, they utilize an integrated bulk ink system. This means that printer ink is supplied continuously to the printer from the printers built-in ink tank. This negates the need for replacement ink cartridges. Just simply top up the tanks with ink from genuine ink bottles.  

Whilst ink tank printers can set you back a considerable amount, they pledge to provide you with big savings on your cost per page. In comparison to ink cartridges, ink tank printers the running costs of ink tank printers are said to be much lower. 

Ink Tank Benefits:

When it comes to pros and cons of ink tanks, there are some stark differences when compared to conventional ink cartridges. To start with, printing costs from refillable ink printers are extremely low. The inbuilt continuous ink supply significantly lowers the cost of printing;, particularly for high colour photos and prints. Then, there are page yields. Ink tanks can churn out up to 6000 to 7000 pages from a single refill.

This is considerably higher than conventional cartridges. 

A final positive for ink tank printers is that there is a slightly increased quality of printing. By having an integrated bulk ink system as a standard feature, you will overcome the disadvantages of third-party manufacturing. Not to mention the risk of counterfeit printer cartridges. All ink tanks are specifically formulated for the printer itself, leading to the very best print quality. Users of ink tanks can enjoy reliable colour printing with the mess or hassle that is often associated with non-genuine refills.

In summary, the primary positives of ink tank printers are:

  • Reduced on-going printing costs.
  • Larger page yields per refill.
  • Higher quality printing overall.

Should you be a regular printer of colour documents, you are most likely to see the benefits of ink tanks. However, for the less frequent printer, all the positives of ink tanks are somewhat lost. 

Ink Tank Cons:

The primary downfall of ink tank printers is the initial setup cost. When you think about how often you change your printer, you might decide that spending more upfront is a bargain should you save in the long term. However, it can take a significant amount of time before you realise the cost savings with ink tanks. For the very casual printer, this can be anywhere between 1 to 3 years.

Therefore, should you use your printer less frequently, the initial cost of an ink tank printer may not result in cost savings long term. In fact, you would be better with an original ink cartridge printer as the overall running costs for infrequent printing are reasonable.